Monday, August 11, 2008

Starting up

My good friend Aneela blogs, Karan Johar blogs, there are blogs for mums and by mums, athlete's blog , writer's blog so I thought it was time I stepped into the "word" of bloggers to add my little penny worth. I really don't know how this will shape up, will it just serve as my "venting" ground, will someone vent with me, will anyone even bother to read it. ..... we'll see but I will be here probably every week if I haven't been run off my feet to talk about me, mine and ours. This is my kick start hope I don't just sputter out!!!

1 comment:

Aneela Z said...

well even if you are "run off your feet" or the universe conspires against you, good friend aneela will be here in her "squeaky wheel" avtaar reminding you to get your weekly vent...I need my weekly dose of Radhika-isms.