Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching up...and babe all the way

Ok a lots been happening so I didn't do my ritual writing in last week. Mohit was travelling and that makes challenging times for us three left at home. Aman and Sups stayed over for three nights and although they were kind of busy, so came in quite late, and no one had any energy left for "chats" it was nice to know they were there, which made me wonder am I scared to be "home alone" at 40.... or have my children driven me completely neurotic. (i always expect something bad to happen). I really don't know, but when its quiet and dark and the house creeks and groans its nice to have someone sleeping in the downstairs bedroom.

Which brings me to weather here in Melbourne. Its passed 1st Sept and so we are back to wearing hats to school. Jai of course equates this with its summer and so fought with me and went to school in shorts and tee shirt and nearly froze his cute little tush off. I don't know why the do not get it that "mothers know best" that includes the husbands too.

Mine's a ticking time bomb. Mohit has forgotten there is life beyond SKM and SODA and its perennial ups and downs. I mean sure I wanted a man who was driven and ambitious and committed to his work but this is completely crazy. He zips through helping me with the chores and putting the kids to bed so he can get to the computer. Like people are writing to him about the environment at 10pm at night. Seriously if I didn't know him better I'd think he was having an affair ! Which takes me to the line from Dhoom2 "par karega kaon"

Okay so besides the weather and my obnoxious husband who I do love the main "thing" this week has been my steadily increasing "weight." I have had a lifestyle assessment done and signed up with a personal trainer and I am getting ready to change "from mom out side, babe inside" (a very nice blog that I found a link to on Aneela's blog) to babe all the way!!!

And on that note I shall end and chat with you later this week..... all about Mama Mia and my trip to the movies.


Aneela Z said...

oh the mom from outside, babe inside is an Arian like you...i guess you are ' kindred souls' hmmm.
Re: 'distracted' husbands we can take on the 'souten' and more...but I have no skills/charms when it comes to the wiles of cricket and the work place!!!

Aneela Z said...

You have been tagged..
But I can understand if you are going through blog fatigue.