Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm alive and returning....

OK the "Melbourne blogger" is back (my new name courtesy AK, makes me me sound like a serial killer, which just might be the case because the few who read my blog are just dying out of sheer boredom). Sorry for the long hiatus but was caught in a terrible storm of just "things" to be done, called life. Have so much to write about that just don't know where to start.... but since I have my car back from the garage and can go back to listening to Mama Mia songs in relative peace (without the demands for Jonas Brothers/ Queen from an eight year old, yes Jai has some strange taste in music)will start with Mama Mia

OK this was a first for me. I couldn't work out time schedules with some friends to go and watch this movie and others didn't want to match their time schedules with me so in short I had no one to go and see this flick with!! So I went alone. It was a strange feeling till I realised that the movie theater had about 20 people mostly women who had all come alone!!! Ah the Melbourne mums syndrome. Anyway enjoyed the movie and enjoyed even more that I didn't have to share my tub of popcorn and explain what was happening at crucial moments or get tugged off to the bathroom at even more crucial moments.

Of course the best part of Mama Mia wa Pierce Brosnan... and don't go thinking this is some new crush of mine. Let me tell you I have a long standing relationship with the man which started when I was in school and watched him in "black and white" in Remington Steele probably a hundred years ago. But he so very "hot" and I think the fact that his pretty good body is not in absolute perfect shape but a bit saggy around the edges and add to that the wrinkles and grey hair makes him even "hotter".

Yes so the collective hormones in the movie theatre were all in over drive and I most unashamedly had a good letch (not quite sure what the spelling of that is )...leer.

Ok there is some more on the PB impact in my life but that for next time which I promise I will get to very shortly

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Aneela Z said...

Ok so I know now ONE obsession...PB...something which apparently you have raised to an art form...what/who is next on the list?!!!