Sunday, November 16, 2008

All thats happening....go with the flow

Okay I know I had promised that I would not fade away with this blogging thing but honestly just so much is happening that its a challenge just to keep up with tying my shoe laces!! Anyway there a couple of things which need to be reported on ..... maybe just so it puts things in perspective for me.

On the PhD front..... oh man this is depressing stuff. You know how all things are going rah rah rah... so very good and every one keeps saying the document's really really good and the presentation was brilliant and there's going to be no problem ....and then splat! you fall face down. The independent examination panel had some issues with the theoretical framework and methodology but what their comments were I am still waiting to hear.

There was lots more of my ranting on this but Aneela has censored it lest I get "dooced".

On the move front.... Yes, seems like its "moving" time again. Just as we were settling down and feeling comfortable SKM has offered Mohit, Delhi. Was for a moment tempted to be a "plodder" and just say no but of course as Didi (wiggling that finger at me) says "you can't be a plodder"(yes I can, yes I want to be ..... please let me be). So yes it is, I think, the right move in Mohit's career, mine's down the drain anyway. It also meant being with "family" and letting Jai and Vir connect to the "roots" in the dust and chaos of New Delhi. It also leaves a small window till 2012 to get back to Australia if we choose to. But like I said que sera sera....whatever will be will be..

Which brings me to the question if Jai is going to think that he had a rich and exciting childhood of living in different countries or hate us for uprooting him all the time. Are we taking advantage of his sunny disposition and ability to make friends. What if he was a shy child who took time settling, would my decisions be the same??? I don't ever think I will be in a position to say I made all the the right choices for my children.... probably all I will be able to say is that I love them and thought I was making the right choices. Hope that works.

Be back shortly ..... this time I mean it

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