Sunday, April 4, 2010

HongKong.... I do like

Just back from HK and need another vacation to recover. But loved the city. It’s near the sea, is not flat, is crowded with amazing organisation and has a pulse to it! Drove by Hollywood Street and it had these great antique shops intermingled with cute cafes and bars and single (?) beautiful people were enjoying the start of the long weekend. Was I envious with my two monsters who had passed out on either side after a day of seeing and shopping!

Anyway did Disney with definitely less enthusiasm then the first time. But I think the kids enjoyed. In my effort not to be unfair to Vir, I think Jai gets in double doses. I sincerely wish kids came with a manual or I was less confused.

Got onto to my exercise wagon with 20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of catching my breath so you can just imagine how badly I am off. Cross my fingers that I do not fall off this "wagon".

Oh yes must describe scene at airport. Vir has an overly sensitive nose and Jai .....well we had left the hotel at six in the morning with just about time to brush our teeth. So when Jai put it delicately made some "popping “sounds, Vir says loudly ...".eeeuw Dada you farted". Jai of course duly embarrassed hurried off with "no I didn't" to which Vir takes major objection. So Jai is hurrying off trying to look nonchalant and Vir is running behind him shouting "you farted, dada you did" and I and Mohit are in vain trying to sush him up. And the whole of HK thinks we are now the strange Indian family with bodily emissions polluting their rather nice airport. See what I told you about manuals.

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