Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NOT "off the wagon"

I had to get at least one post in, for March. Otherwise it would be the story about “off the wagon” again. The settling into Manila continues. Most people or rather many of our Indian friends find living in Manila comparable to having discovered “wonderland” am I being perverse by not accepting that or is my disconnect or looking for something more a reflection of me, myself. Don’t get me wrong Manila is comfortable- the drivers, the maids, the malls but it lacks something, that something I can’t put my finger on but I think might have something to do with a comment I heard –“Manila is very busy socially, but very lonely.” Food for thought, or thought for food.

On food, it never surprises me how poor the quality of Indian groceries available in Manila is compared to Melbourne or Bangkok. I mean there is a huge Indian population here. Me thinks it’s because Melbourne being Melbourne with stricter controls and Bangkok because the initial Indian population was Sikhs and the sardars are used to good quality food is the reason. Manila’s original Indian population  I feel are/were less circumspect. Any way Manila is out of Arhar dal and have never heard of idli rava and everest milk masala is like asking for the moon. I wonder what Reshma Patil's experience is in Beijing. Reshma Patil is a HT correspondent whose blog I have of recent started following and which I quite like. I guess my shift in loyalties from TOI to HT is now kind of sealed. Although I do not like Vir Sanghvi, for some reason I find his columns “supercilious” and of course good old KT is my all time favorite.

Off to HK for a four fun filled days with the kids. Jai is jaded when it comes to Disneyland, Ranvir raring to go and M well the less said the better of a man who cannot even ride the merry go round! Me ? Bring it on folks, I mean with a few more birthdays, will not even be able to heave myself into/onto a ride!

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