Sunday, February 21, 2010

A “full on” weekend

A lot has been happening this weekend. On 20th Feb Mohit and I celeberated our 15th marriage anniversary. Wow…with all the ups and downs and turns and twists I think we can safely say…yes we are still best of friends…..and If I had to do these fifteen years all over again they would be with M again (unless of course Pierce Brosnan was in the reckoning). Also on your 15th wedding anniversary it is extremely difficult to be “romantic” as every time one tries to hug there are two little monsters converting it promptly into a “faaaammmillly hug.” What can I say they are and will always be the best part of our marriage.

Oh god I am getting quite senti…..I think I can attribute it to seeing- My Name is Khan this evening. But besides being a “good” film (me being partial to Sharukh Khan) no it really is an honest attempt by KJ and Sharukh has done a great job , the evening was filled with classic “nuggets” which I must put down less I lose them to time and my age.

Vir with his butter won’t melt expression is truly a little hoodlum in the making. Since the movie was for an Indian audience why would it evvveer start on time, so our little friend was getting quite restless. Then he clambers on to my lap looks up at the projector window at the back and tells me – bas ab tomatoes phek the hain( Mom we should throw tomatoes at the window now)- He had probably picked the line from our senior friend but my gut feeling is Jai will remain the “talker” but this fellow will be the “do-er.”

The other little nugget of this evening being……Most of the times I think I am a very average or even below average mother. I yell, shout , loose my temper, throw in a few whacks and feel horribly guilty of not doing enough. But there a few, mind you very few instances when I feel yes may be I have got some part of it right. Jai has a morbid interest in terrorism, knows details of the Mumbai attacks, watches the reruns of 9/11 with great interst on NatGeo. I wasn’t sure MINK would hold his interest but it did….and somewhere in the second half he whispers to me …..You know with Martin Luther King it was a fight for blacks and browns now it is about Muslims and those who are not Muslims but actually there are only good people and bad people and no religion ever teaches you to be bad….. then we go back to eating our popcorn.

My ten year old son gets it……oh god I do hope and pray it stay with him. I might be a bit optimistic, a bit naïve but I am very proud of Jai and the fact that he “gets it.” When will the others….?

In the word of Karan Thappar...." mein garv se kehti hoon mein secular hoon, aur garv se kehti hoon ki (mere ankhon ka tara, budhapeka sahara... quote, unquote Kajol in MINK) Jai secular banega."

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