Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Heading towards another "new year"

Its been a month since I have been here but a lots been happening. On the PhD front I have a reprieve till March. That's when I have to submit my final confirmation document and hopefully shift to an external PhD status. But its been tough and very disconcerting experience of having ones ability questioned. Everyone seems to tell me it happens to everyone but boy when it happens to you its just not nice.

Last Saturday we finally had our big "bash" at home which was long over due. About 25 people on absolutely beautiful afternoon/evening. Went off quite well I think but its taken me four days to recover.In the meantime I have an abscess in a very unmentionable part of my anatomy which hurts like hell. So I have been technically out of commission and poor Mohit has had to cope with all the clearing up and a very "painful" me.

Its Christmas eve and our lights are up and shining, thankfully Jai let me off on the tree. Sorting of stuff is all over the place. Planning on seeing the boxing day test and then the packers arrive on Monday morning. I think its finally sinking in that its moving time again!!

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